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Playing Now Productions

Playing Now Productions Assignment – is a Hollywood films production and distribution studio startup.  The concept involves establishing private funding for $35 Million which will enable the to completion of the financing package to produce and distribute a $95 Million-dollar slate of films over a next 3 years period.

Investments will be films that Playing Now Productions distributes through its Studio or Independent Output agreement*. Playing Now Production distributed films focuses in the $8-40 mill budget range with Star driven talent. The benefits of diversification in investing in a slate has been proven to be more profitable over investing in an individual film.

Ultimates Credit Facility: Playing Now Productions has an Ultimates Credit Facility in place with one of its banking partners, to advance funds against the future cash-flows of each film. Advances from the Ultimates Credit Facility combined with the investment will allow Playing Now Productions to provide 100% ($95 Million) of the financing for the slate.

 Playing Now Outline Proposal March 2018

 Playing Now Productions Team

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