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Wealth Management Centers, LLC – we are a diversified business development, financial services consulting with regulatory advisory-risk management services platform.  We provide financial technology (Fintech) application selection, implementation, and development support.  Our team in-house professional advisors coupled with our extensive international network of outside scientific, doctors, technology, and management experts provide a unique resource and partnership to select businesses, their Founders, or current Owners and the key executive who operate them.

A few of our innovative services and products we provide include customizable professional corporate advisory, business development with client-sales acquisition support, and tailored Fintech application solutions.  Our platform is designed to function as a partner and virtual outside division to your organization.  Our services are built to help steer the early stage, closely-held, and growth company towards growth acceleration and to ultimately accessing the public markets.  In support of our services, we offer customized financial technology products specialized for your company and your management team’s needs.

Our focus is on the small and mid-size business which includes early-stage and closely-held private entities, non-for-profits, endowments, sports and entertainment talent, and their athletes and artists in a family-office structure.  Our Clients’ areas include, the professional organizations, such as professional Law Firms, CPA Firms, Broker-Dealers, Registered Investment Advisors, Hedge-Funds, the Small Family Office, and private personal entities with an emphasis on FinTech operational applications.

We have been working with businesses, their decision-maker owners, executives and key managers since 2003 (Learn more here).

Welcome to our website and thank you for visiting us here today.  We greatly appreciate you taking your most valuable asset, “your time” to learn about our company and exploring some of our services and products which we bring to bear to our “Partnership Companies.”  Once you have conducted a cursory review, please feel free to Contact Us to ask about the personalized services and products we can provide you, your business, your executive’s team, and your key managers.  Please feel free to view our content and forward us any questions you may have. You may schedule an absolutely free, no-obligation, exploratory appointment to find out if our services are right for you and your organization’s needs (read more here)

We offer our platform as an outsourcing partner for your business needs on a broad array of services, include: business consulting, professional advisory, and business development with call-center support for business and personal entities of all sizes.  Our cross-section of offerings is tailored for: small to mid-size businesses, non-per-profit and philanthropic organizations, early-stage start-up entities, concept companies, the ultra-high, and high-net-worth individuals, families and family offices, and for amateur and professional and entertainment talent.  Our services also include specialized financial technology (FinTech) application offerings tailored for our Clients, Partnership Companies, and Individual needs of many types.

We offer and provide extensive expertise and experience in supporting entities of all sizes with a specialty focus on the small and mid-size business, the Owner-Entrepreneur who created or now runs the company and the Officers and Directors who operate the business.  Our rich pool of Talent Consulting specialists provides counseling and support services to both amateur and professional talent, including arts, entertainment, and athletic performers alike.

We work closely with the founders, the executives, and the management team in a broad cross-section of sectors and industries.  Some of our Clients operate in software, financial services, real estate, fintech, and more.  We provide our Clients and Partnership Companies with consulting and hands-on business development solutions.

Our assignments range from the mid-size business that has a very specific need which is more efficiently outsources or handle more discretely outside the organization, to the small business developing their offering and ramping sales, to the early stage operation as well as the concept company.  We provide these businesses with key strategic partnerships and guidance, including developing their internal technology and addressing their financial services needs.

Our services support Broker-Dealers, Investment Advisors Companies, Hedge Funds, Private Funds, Family Offices, and also the Hi-Net-Worth and the Ultra-Hi-Net-Worth Investors worldwide.  Our offerings include a number of key business lines specifically tailored to support, guide, and provide direct, hands-on assistance to the small and midsize businesses business and their Operators.  Think of us as an outside division and a valued partner to your organization.  We work closely, hand-in-hand with the Owner-Entrepreneurs who create and build your business, their Directors, and Executive Management Team who manage your operations and their Sales staff who generate new business.

In today’s complex and constantly evolving business environment, we provide outside expert operations and high-level business and sales knowledge and resources you may not have time, personnel or the resource to develop internally.  We believe that small and midsize business is the most important growth engine in the U.S. and the World economies and as such, our platform and expertise is geared and laser-focused to provide services to aid in your success.

We have been providing guidance, services and sales support to our Clients for over 15-years.  Prior to that Our Team has been directly engaged in identifying, supporting, and investing in both Private and Public Companies with outstanding business and investment opportunities for many years.  A few of our services include:

  • Business Consultation and Advisory – this provides your Company’s Management team with guidance and services to address your needs as your growth materializes.  Designed to assist in moving your companies from being a closely-held private entity to a more broadly held organization that has the ability to access the private markets and ultimately the public markets for the right enterprises. These are key areas that must be mastered as you focus and achieve your company’s growth and we are here to guide, help, and roll-up our sleeves right alongside your team.
  • Sales Acquisition and Business Development – this and which includes building proprietary call centers to outsource a part or the whole lead generation and account acquisition function specifically tailored for your company’s needs.  Our management team has the highest level of expertise in this area and we will create a turnkey operation specifically designed to meet your companies unique needs.
  • Marketing and Social Media Development – with the growing importance in critical customer outreach area and with the constantly evolving and growing number of websites and the tools available to use in achieving this critical function to stay competitive, how is the small and midsize business able to focus our your core business areas of expertise and still keep up in in this ever-changing technological space.  Worst yet when you hire a service provider who takes your money and produces little or no results.  Allow us to manage and guide your company in this complex area as part of our ongoing services and get real results on your marketing and social media budget.  Make us the value-added resource in this area for your team today.

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with Our Company, Our Team, and Our Services.  You may view a few of our select Portfolio of Companies and Partners to better understand what we may be able to provide for your needs.  Once you have had a chance to learn a bit about us and our services, you may start by < Submitting Any Initial General Questions> and then later schedule an introductory, no-obligation appointment to discuss how our services can aid and support you and your company.

You may also now simply <Schedule an Introductory, Exploratory  Appointment> and allow us to give you a brief walk-through of Our Company, Our Team, and Our Services and Our Portfolio of Companies and discuss how we can become your valuable Resource and Partner.

We truly believe and through experience know as a fact that even our Free, No-Obligation Introductory Appointment can be a valuable resource to help your Company understand what opinion are available to help you better achieve your Corporate Vision and realize your company’s true potential and achieve the Entrepreneur Success you are working for every day.