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USWMC Group is an independent division of Wealth Management Centers, LLC.  USWMC Group is our corporate advisor and merchant banking consulting division.  We are a diversified corporate consulting, capital formation, and merchant capital advisory group for emerging private and public growth companies on a global basis. 

Our mission is to provide a powerful outside team to our Client-Company supporting leadership and specializing in assisting them to enhance stakeholder value for their companies and shareholders.  We strictly cultivate, establish, and develop consulting business relationships where we can become a significant value-added outside resource, specifically for the purpose of building long-term enterprise and shareholder value. 

Our objective is to provide critical, outside support, and services to select Client-Companies where we can add meaningful value.  We work closely and hands-on with founders, the board of directors, senior operating executives, and key investors to help the Company compliantly achieve long-term shareholder value within a best-of-breed methodology.

Our leadership team has over 100 years of experience working with founders and their companies at the highest level.  Combined with our long-standing industry and global banking relationships which have been built over decades of wall street operations, each member of the team brings powerful resources for the benefit of our select client companies.  Our team members each bring their own unique network and diverse skills set each with an emphasis on successfully executing transactions and designing, executing, and achieving strategies that enhance shareholder value.

We provide corporate consulting, equity and debt formation, merchant capital origination, and strategic transaction advisory services.  Specifically, we focused on enhancing enterprise and shareholder value.  Our team of enterprise and shareholder value enhancement specialists are experts in capital markets, legal and regulatory compliance support, capital formation, merchant banking, strategic transaction, and taxation.   We function as an independent outside division to our select operating company clients.


  • Corporate Consulting Services – our specific focus is to create enterprise and shareholder value. We design and support our operating company clients in the execution of the necessary growth initiatives and capital formation campaigns efforts to enhance and create shareholder value. Our expertise includes the review of potential financing alternatives available within any giving market environment and we provide executable recommendations with respect to the options available in support our Client’s capital needs.  We support and assist our Clients in conducting capital market operations in a compliant and regulated, best-of-breed fashion.  Along with corporate consulting, equity and debt formation, merchant capital origination, and strategic transaction advisory services, we can assist our exclusive operating company Client’s with their marketing, branding, business development, and expansions.


  • Capital Formation Advisory – we provide a personalized introduction to equity, debt, and mezzanine sources of capital. We match our client companies with investment banking firms, institutional funds, and investors that specialize in capital formation for their industry.  In addition, we provide direct introductions to private capital through ultra-high and high net-worth private investors that directly invest in our select client-company space.  Through our contacts and relationship with investment bankers that specialize in the field, we can build syndicates that can also include Liberty Associates, Inc. a 40-year-old FINRA Member broker-dealer in which there is common ownership and executive leadership within our team.


  • Merchant Capital Origination – matching, introducing, and connecting with leading syndicators and strategic investors. We can coordinate, negotiate, and submit for lending capital from groups that lend in your space.


  • Capital Needs Analysis and Planning – conduct budget analysis and assist in preparing valid, supportable projections with a design to access capital markets. Analysis, provide, and spearhead strategies for meeting growth hurdles such as type (equity, debt, preferred, convertible, equity-linked, etc.), amount, and timing of capital infusions


  • Opinions of Value – conduct a valuation analysis and provide high-quality, supportable opinions of value that can be used to successfully access public markets, execute strategic transactions, and for estate and probate needs.
  • Corporate Offerings and Presentation Materials – developing compliant equity and debt offering materials to access capital markets. Assist with corporate presentation for use with investors, business development, and other interested parties.


  • Strategic Transaction and Growth Advisor – source, spearhead, and execute mergers & acquisitions, new partnerships formation, preparing for and assisting with executing a sale of a division, the entire operating company, or for a generational transfer of assets.


  • Public Market Professional Services – directly provide and or introduce management with high quality and cost-effective external capital markets specialists. Support management in directing specialty professionals, including law firms, accountants, and public investor relations firms to access public markets successfully.


  • Industry Expert and Key Executive Relationships – we introduce and assist our operating company clients in building a high-quality Board of Directors and Technical Advisory Board. High-level introductions to corporate executives, dealmakers, and other successful businesspersons as key industry relationships and potential members for the Board of Directors, Technical Advisors, and strategic/lead investors.



  • Technology
  • Software
  • FinTech
  • Medical Devices
  • Biotechnology
  • Healthcare
  • Consumer Goods
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial Products
  • Defense
  • Restaurants
  • Apparel
  • Retail
  • Energy
  • Real Estate including REITs (public and private)
  • Travel and Leisure
  • Gaming
  • Internet/social media
  • International deals of many types


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