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Our Mission


To paraphrase an ancient proverb, to measure the depth of an organization and its people it is necessary to first find from where the knowledge flows

First and foremost, our knowledge, pedigree and core competencies come from true life experience.  Layered upon the school of surviving, competing and winning is also academia.  Formal education and a thirst for learning is the followed by years and years of professional experience each earned through hard fought battles in the trenches of the business war.  It is here where our depth has been forged here at Wealth Management Centers, LLC.

Founded in 2002 with a background in hard-fought public and private sectors experience which including many years of direct, high-level Wall Street operations, we knew before we started there were better ways and much room to improve organizations, systems, relationships and the business process while increasing the probabilities of success.  We are very proud to not only be survivors but to continue to be standing soldiers of the business wars.

USWMC was founded specifically with a mission to provide true “Partnership-Client” relationship-based support to the companies, the entrepreneurs who create and run them and their executive management team we represent. Our goal was to eliminate all conflicts of interests with the clients and become partners in their efforts towards achieving success.  In doing so, we utilize modern management methodology coupled with an understanding of successful practices from history.  Over time, we developed a proprietary customized, multi discipline approach which includes: macro and micro view, fundamental and technical analysis, and modern business physiological practices.  Always evolving but this core mission remains unchanged to this very day.

Key to our mission is the service which is specifically designed, tailored, and then customized while continuously being fine-tuned to bring unique value to our Partnership-Client.  Our approach is truly relationship based. Our goal is to become highly value-added outside partner or division of your platform.  Hence, our philosophy is to provide high-quality and high-touch.  Our focus is on the Partnership-Client’s specific needs and success.  We obsessively strive to operate with a best of breed approach to processes, teamwork, and service.

Today, technology and systems continue to evolve at an ever-accelerating pace.  Technology is feeding upon technology and creating technology.  We believe this evolution is only going to continue to accelerate. Evolve, keep up or become obsolete.  We take great pride in our efforts to also continue to evolve along with technology and social change but in doing so, our core belief in what some might call old fashion, high-touch, high-quality relationship-based partnership services, and customized products remain a constant.

Wealth Management Centers, LLC (USWMC) is a diversified Professional Consultation and FinancialService FINTECH platform which includes: WM-Consultants and WM-FINTECH.  We provide business consulting, professional advisory services along with customized fintech products which are specifically designed and integrated to provide client acquisition support for a broad range of sectors.  Our campaigns and services are customized for each of our “Partnership-Client” company, their Founders/Owners and their key executive management team.