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Wealth Management Centers, LLC aka USWMC is a diversified corporate development and consultancy platform company. We also provide business incubator, accelerator, and multi-family office services.  We may invest directly, deploying venture capital in select growth companies. Established and in continuous operations since 2002, our mission is to provide select Companies with a powerful outside team  specializing in supporting leadership and assisting them in enhancing stakeholder value for their companies and shareholders.  We continuously strive to add best-of-breed methodology, generally at the time when they need us most.

Each member of our team of enterprise and shareholder value enhancement professionals are experts in their respective fields which include capital markets, legal and regulatory compliance support, capital formation, merchant banking, strategic transaction, and taxation.   We can function as if we are a virtual, independent outside division of our select operating company clients.  USWMC strictly cultivates, establishes, and develops consulting business relationships where we can become a significant value-added outside resource, specifically for the purpose of building long-term enterprise and shareholder value.  We work closely and hands-on with founders, the board of directors, senior operating executives, and their legal representatives to help the Company achieve long-term shareholder value.

Expanding and Achieving the Possibilities