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Alfonso Lucio Vigliotti

Brief Bio


A seasoned business executive, accredited private investor, and a serial entrepreneur with more than 30-years of experience.  A professional registered investment advisor, c-suite executive, business development consultant, and outside business partner.

Background includes high-level expertise in both the private and public sectors.  Strictly committed to each unique relationship and assignment.  Works directly with ownership, founders, key investors, and operating executives. Brings exceptional leadership with broad visionary insight to exclusive and select Client and Partnership Company.

Undertakes unique, data-driven projects.  Extremely selective to strictly engaging with projects where he can add exceptional value and directly spearheads them to a successful outcome.  Belief is imperative.  Belief in the ownership, management team, purpose, and potential.  Brings a singular mindset for success, coupled with his diverse expertise and resources.

The operative approach is to meet each assignment’s unique needs, providing experience, direction, and execution in support of well-defined objective.  Provides expertise and wisdom in identifying and addressing the required needs, assignments structure requirements to achieve its full potential and maximum possible opportunities. Focuses on the campaign through its ultimate completion.

Greatest strength is the ability to connect with people and become the best value-added, results-oriented, outside or inside asset.  Brings years of experience, an extensive network, and considerable resources.  All of which are directly brought to bear for the relationship and select assignment.

Relevant background and areas of expertise include: evaluating, investing, creating, and operating successful businesses across diverse industries, sectors, and markets.  Initiating, spearheading, and completing strategic projects including, sourcing relationships, conducting complex negotiations, and mediation.  Facilitating team building, partnering, mergers, and acquisitions.

Managing public and private resources and assets for institutional and private investors, not-for-profit, and special purpose entities. Clients include corporations, family office structures for and high- net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth private clients.  Account types include retirement plans for corporate, individuals, foundations, trust, and charities.

Skilled in consulting and advising businesses, their ownership, key investors, operating executives, and managers in preparing, guiding and facilitating company development strategies, designing and operating client acquisition campaigns, establishing and implanting sales systems, including successfully access private and public markets.  Enhances the company’s ability to successfully achieve its ultimate potential.

During his diverse and distinguished career, Mr. Vigliotti has held highly responsible and prestigious executive positions in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors. He has spoken at seminars and conferences in the business areas including real estate, financial, managerial, technology, and business development.  He brings to the Partnership Companies and Client extensive experience in managing financial resources at a very high professional capacity and level.  His diverse backgrounds are deployed directly for the benefit of the clientele!

Alfonso’s pride and joy are his two wonderful children, Luciano Valentino and Ariana Valentina he has with his lovely partner and best friend, Allison.  The family lives and works in New York City and on the west coast of Florida.