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Alfonso Lucio Vigliotti

Alfonso Lucio Vilgiotti, Founder and President of Wealth Management Centers, LLC – a seasoned executive and business consultant, an investment advisor, professional private investor, and a serial-entrepreneur.  Mr. Vigliotti brings more than 30-years of expertise to the Partnership Companies and Clientele he consults with and advises.  He provides a unique and diverse skill in support of the company’s and Client’s specific needs.

His relevant background includes: creating and operating multiple businesses in various markets, spear-heading and completing strategic mergers and acquisitions, managing institutional, private and non-for-profit assets and resources, their funds and investments, consulting and advising business owners, their key executives and managers, guiding and facilitating company development strategies, including client development and sales acquisition and preparing and guiding companies to successfully access public markets.

During his distinguished career, Mr. Vigliotti has held highly responsible and prestigious positions. He brings to the client extensive experience in negotiations, consultation, mediation, partnering, mergers, acquisitions and managing financial resources at extremely high-level professional capacities. He has held executive and financial positions in both the private and the public sectors.  He has held seminars and spoken at real estate, financial and managerial conferences. His diverse backgrounds are deployed directly for the benefit of the clientele! A few relevant positions include:

Founder and President of Wealth Management Centers, LLC – a diversified consulting and financial services company established in 2002. The company consists of business consultation, professional advisory and development units which function as wholly independent divisions, focusing across a broad range of areas within financial services, include: diversified financial services operations, real estate, and small family offices. Specialty areas include: business development, advisory and consultation; focusing on financial services compliance, acquisitions and diversification, negotiation, mediation, deal structuring, and FinTech.

Founder and Chief Investment Officer of US-Wealth Management Advisors, LLC – a financial services platform offering portfolio management, asset allocation programs within Managed and Separate Accounts with fee accounts, advisory consultation, business development consultation and sport-agent/talent representation.

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Liberty Associates, Inc. – a 35 + year old SEC/FINRA authorized Broker-Dealer offering separate accounts and managing client assets with custodian and clearing services offered through the Royal Bank of Canada US.  Liberty Associates, Inc. provides introducing brokerage and account clients services to Institutions, Hedge-Funds, Registered Investment Advisors, Family Offices, Foundations, Ultra-high and High Net-Worth Private Clients.

Founding Partner and Senior-Vice President of Investments of the Maxim Group – an original Founding Partner when the Maxim Group which was created from a spin-off of Investec Ernst and Company, a New York Stock Exchange Member Investment Bank established in 1924. The Maxim Group is a leading investment bank, servicing the mid-tier markets worldwide.

Vice President, Private-Client Group, Investec Ernst and Company – a multi-national financial conglomerate and part of the Investec Group. At the time, they were managing assets worldwide in excess of 100-billion dollars (US).
Senior-Vice President of Investments, Stuart Coleman and Company – a hi-end, specialty investment boutique; a New York Stock Exchange Member Broker-Dealer. Stuart Coleman was acquired by Investec Ernst and Company which spun-off the Maxim Group.

In addition to his extensive private sector experience, Mr. Vigliotti has held key public sector administrator and managerial positions in both the State of Florida and Pennsylvania. Those years of experience and responsibilities, along with others related skills and abilities provide Mr. Vigliotti tremendous financial, managerial and valuation experiences to draw upon, all for the benefit of the client.

State of Florida – Mr. Vigliotti has the distinction of being one of the youngest administrators in the State of Florida. Among the managerial functions, Mr. Vigliotti held positions with the Production, Real Estate Appraisal, Business Valuation and Real Estate Acquisition Divisions for the fourth District. His administrative positions included the Business Valuation Administrator, Real Estate Acquisition Administrator and was the Technical Assistant to the District Director of Production.

The District IV is a division of the Florida Department of Transportation, which provides services to one of the country’s most vibrant economic regions, encompassing five counties known as Florida’s Gold Coast. They had an operating budget of approximately a $100 million per year during that period. The District’s responsibilities involve administrating the multi-modal transportation program, which includes air, seaport and land transportation systems.

State of Pennsylvania – held administrative positions in both the Real Estate, Engineering and Construction Divisions while also attending his University education and post-graduation.

Education: Mr. Vigliotti holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance & Business Administration (1984) from the University of Pittsburgh. He has also taken extensive post-graduate course work at multiple Universities in cross-discipline functional areas, including Finance, Business Management, Real Estate and Management Information Systems and the most challenging curriculum, his career on Wall Street.

Charitable Activities and Foundations – Mr. Vigliotti volunteers his time and expertise to support sustainable development and humanitarian cause. A trusted advisor, he consults on matters of organizational development and fund raising, including grant application submissions. Included in his areas he has focused, he volunteered as the former Chairman and CEO with Vascular Research Foundation, a non-for profit medical research charity which had affiliations with Columbia University’s Medical College.

Awards – Mr. Vigliotti has been the recipient of a number of respected professional awards, including: Davis Productivity Award (1995), Jon S. Beazley Award (1994, 1993), Value Engineering Award, Highest Single Project Savings Award (1994) and I Made a Difference Award (1993). He continues to be active in his community, focusing on critical issue for the poor and underrepresented.