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Professional Services

USWMC Studios can support your business in the most direct way. Whether you are an established business, early-stage, or development company we can assist, enhance, and even partner with you to facilitate the growth your company is capable of achieving.  We provide professional advisory and consulting, including business accelerator services.  We realize that as with most things in life, the “right Partners” are often the very key to success.  Now that you have found us, your search for that Partner is almost over.  Now comes the easy part, learning what we can bring to the table, working with us and enjoying the success (read more…)

Sales Acquisition Studio

We collaborate and partner on your client acquisition, supplementing your internal sale and marketing team. We help you to achieve and exceed your sales objectives. USWMC-Studios structures a sales, marketing, and call center support process specifically designed for you. Then, we put in place and execute the external sales campaign designed for your company, your products, and services. We work with you to customize your campaign., one which is tailored to achieve your unique criteria and to match your specific needs. We steer, motivate, collaborate, assist and can effectively become your external marketing and sales division (read more…)

Technology-FinTech Solutions

WM-FinTech is our financial technology group that consults in the areas of software and software as a service to the financial services industry.  We partner with the leading technology solutions providers to assist your business in technology selection, integration, and implementation. Our technologist partners can also tailor custom solutions for your unique needs.  Our areas of specialty include brokerage, investment advisory, hedge-funds, and family-office portfolio management (read more…)

MedTech and BioTech Advisory

Often the expert Doctor or Scientist discovers potential life-saving products and can’t get them to market. Many times it is not only a matter of science but comes down to navigating the complex regulatory and business development challenges. Our experts’ consultant in medical-technology and biomedical. We have built a network, a team of world-renowned researchers, doctors, and scientists to bring to our Client Companies (read more…)

Sports & Entertainment Agency Family Offices

We offer agency consulting and operational support services for professional athletes, entertainment industry talent, business agents, and legal representation. We provide an established, customize family-office network for existing and emerging agencies.  Our services include coordinating with the athlete, performers, business agent and legal representatives to establish and oversee their professional family-office solutions. We coordinate with legal, accounting, and advisory to overseeing the establishment of corporate structures.  Services include coordinating with legal and the agents in the contracting process, covering negotiations support, deal execution, and operational management. We can become your “Personal Financial Concierge” providing a full array of diversified services such as bill-pay and a host of other services.  Performance coaching for goal achievement support and assistance in overcoming mental roadblocks is available with our certified professional counselors and licensed performance hypnotherapists (read more…)

Compliance Consulting

We provide financial services organizations with management solution in the areas of regulatory compliance, operational risk management advisory and support technology consultation. We partner with and utilizing leading solutions providers as well as developing customized solutions for our Clients (read more…)

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Clients’ Testimonials

  • Wealth Management Consultants has provided Liberty Associates, Inc. a number of criticial professional developement and consulting services for a years as a vital outside asset to our firm. A few of the services they provide included: merger, acquisition, and ownership change coordination, compliance oversight and consulting, business model development and implementation support, operational and professional consulting, business lines offering expansion and more.

    This assignment has been a monumental, muli-year undertaking and continues. It has invovled bringing in new ownership and then fully expanding our closely-held 30 plus year old specialty broker-dealer into a full-service platform. The expanded company is now fully functional, and comes complete with a custodial and clearing arrangement through the Royal Bank of Canada, US which is a global tier 1 executing and costodian broker and bank platform. With our expenaded offerings and banking relationships, we are now able to offer an extremly broad array of products and services. Our upside is now amazing and I can not praise USWMC enough.

    Their team more than sucessfully executed every stage of the undertaking from negotiation the ownership change deal, obtaining regulatory clearance, executing the closing, fully expanding the business lines, recuiting and staffing to providing the infrustructure to support to the update entity, recruitng top producing brokers and advisors and more. They continue to support us today and are true outside partners with our firm.

    All all this has bee done while maintian strick cost controls and hands on, self-directed supervison of the entire process. I highly recommend them without any reservations.

    Evan Azriliant, Attorney at Law
    Owner and CEO, S&E Azriliant Law
  • Our company has worked with WMConsultants for a number of years now and we have found them to be honest, hard working and a true partners with our platform.

    Ed Tatro, OutFox Solutions, Inc.
    Founder & CEO

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